Base Stations ATM105A

Interconnect all the Navigation Instruments

The ATM105A base stations have two main functions:

  • To serve as a bridge between instruments from diverse manufacturers so that they can exchange information.
  • To communicate with the autopilot remote control ATM105B.

A transceiver / gateway unit:

  • The so-called multiplexers are the most popular devices on the market. They take information from multiple NMEA0183 channels, but they only provide a single output in NMEA0183 format, wired or Wi-Fi. The base station ATM105A is more than a multiplexer, it is a transceiver unit; this means it receives and sends information simultaneously to/from all the navigation devices, they translate the information in all directions and over all platforms: NMEA0183, NMEA2000 and SEATALK (gateway)

  • The base station ATM105A acts as a performance unit, by adding unique features which improve and expand the received information.

  • It is compatible with the major instrument manufacturers, including Raymarine, Garmin, Simrad, Lowrance, Furuno, B&G, NKE, VDO…

Supports mobile apps via bidirectional Wi-Fi access:

  • It links all the electronics on the ship with your mobile/tablet applications. (Weather 4D, iregatta, EDO Instruments, Sailtracker, SeaWi, NKE, etc…).

  • All ATM105A models allow you to convert a PC into a complete Navigator / Multifunction instrument, by controlling the autopilot in track mode. (OPENCPN, MaxSea, iSailor…).

We present 3 ATM105A base station models which can adapt to your needs, equipment, and navigation instruments:

Base ATM105-A1N

Base ATM105-A2

Base ATM105-A3