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A multiplexer is a NMEA0183 data hub (legacy computers), since multiple devices that “speak” in that “language” cannot be directly connected. Instead, a Gateway translates between different “languages” (Seatalk, NMEA0183, NMEA2000, SignalK, …). The latter may, in turn, be provided with a multiplexer section for NMEA0183

In general, all equipment prior to 2003-2005 communicates through Nmea0183, except the Raymarine’s old ones that communicate through Seatalk. The new equipment works with Nmea2000. Our Gateway converters cover all cases. Consult the specifications of your equipment to know if they use Nmea2000 or not.

The Ocenav converter creates a wireless data network based on the same WiFi system that is used on the ground. The difference is that from this network it is only possible to access the ship’s data, since the network of networks is not always accessible on the other side: the internet. Furthermore, the gateway can also be configured as a client of another WiFi access point that may be connected to the internet.

You can use the plotter to mark a waypoint or route and navigate to it. The specific pilot control commands (AUTO, STBY, WIND VANE, TRACK, +1, -1, etc) are only operative from our remote control (ATM105B). The gateway translates these generic remote control commands for the pilot that is installed, be it Raymarine STxxx, Evolution and Simrad B&G on Simnet. That is, it does not “translate” between them.

There are many possible cases depending on the installed radar model. Old radars generally don’t allow it. Only some send a type of data (ARPA / MARPA) that describes the targets identified by the radar. These will be presented on the screen of some apps (OpenCPN, for example), in a similar way to AIS targets.
In the case of using a new model of radar antenna, there are several options: 1- Connect the Ocenav gateway as a client of the radar manufacturer’s network so that everything is available on the same network. 2- Use a radar plugin in OpenCPN and a remote desktop. In this way, the radar screen can be duplicated on another PC or tablet. Neither of these solutions is easy to configure.

The question is relatively simple, and is answered by answering a few simple questions:
a) Do I have an NMEA2000, SeatalkNG or Simnet network on my ship, or do I think I may have to install it someday? If so, the appropriate choices are ATM105A1N and ATM105A3.
b) Do I want to have the Ocenav remote control ?. If so, the models that communicate with the remote control are ATM105A2 and ATM105A3.
In summary: All the gateway models are compatible with older Raymarine equipment (Seatalk). And they all have WiFi. The ATM105A1N cannot operate with the remote control. The ATM105A2 does not have NMEA2000.

It is necessary to install the Ocenav gateway so that the radio signals from the remote control pass to the autopilot network cable. In other words, the gateway acts as a remote control receiver. You will have to opt for the ATM105A2 (For older Raymarine STxxxx pilots) or ATM105A3 (For all types of pilots, except older B&G and Simrad pilots).

Yes, although it is cheaper to purchase a pack (ATM105C2 or ATM105C3)

The remote control works with all old Raymarine and new Evolution pilots without the need for the Seatalk-SeatalkNG converter. It is also operational for Simrad and B&G pilots AP24, AP44, NAC2, NAC3, that is, those that connect to the SimNet network. It does not work with Furuno or Garmin pilots.

Actually both are Nmea2000 inside. What differentiates them is the type of connector used, and the use of some specific phrases for the pilots of these manufacturers (Raymarine and Simrad B&G). Our devices are also compatible with these pilots.

The Nmea2000 network is much faster than the old NMEA0183 and Seatalk. So it is possible to transmit more information and more frequently. The connection between computers is very simple, since they all connect to a common cable.

The installation of a Nmea2000 network requires cables with connectors and “T” or specific splices. Since manufacturers do not use the same type of connector, it will be necessary to purchase adapter cables between the Nmea2000 standard and SeatalkNG and / or Simnet.
On the other hand, since the mentioned connectors have a larger diameter than the cables, they can present difficulties to pass through the holes of the installation.

Components of a Nmea2000 network:

Yes. You can connect it to the existing WIFi as a client. This works well with Furuno WiFi radar installations.

Is not difficult. The difficulty is limited to the passage of the cables through the boat and to your choice. You must also be careful with the colors of the cables indicated in the manuals of the respective manufacturers. We can help you in whatever you need.

The cables to be used for an installation are usually of two types:
1) Fine colored cable with or without cover, for sale in any electronics store.
2) Cables for NMEA2000, SeatalkNG or Simnet network, In this case you can buy them in your usual nautical store, or through one of our distributors.

You can buy the products in our online store. Installation is very easy and you can do it yourself if you like DIY. We can help you with the installation scheme if you send the equipment list of the boat to our support email: soporte@ocenav.com
But also any nautical electronics installer will be able to install it.

It is resistant to rain, but not to immersion

It does not float due to its small size and the weight of the battery and the display mainly. The kit includes a lanyard to hang around the neck to avoid these accidents.

Yes. Up to 3 remote controls can be linked by each converter, so that each crew member has his own.

You don’t have to buy another whole equipment. You can only buy the remote control and pair it with the converter  you already have, as indicated in the instructions manual.

how can i buy my ocenav equipment?

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