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Autopilot control for mobile Devices

80 €

It is the answer to the requirements of many of our users.
What does it consist of?
On a web page that is resident in the WiFi module of the Ocenav converter, and that can be opened with any internet browser, be it on a mobile, tablet, PC or Raspberry. In this way, we can operate all the autopilot control buttons from our mobile device (image on the right)). It presents the mean value of the compass when the pilot is in Stand By, and the programmed angle of the pilot when it is in any of the automatic modes.
What pilots does it work on?
In the same as the ATM105A remote control:
Raymarine and Autohelm: ALL models (STxxxx, Smartpilot and Evolution with SeatalkNG)
NAVICO group systems with Simnet bus:
Simrad and B&G course computers: AC12, AC44, NAC-2 and NAC-3.
Simrad autopilots: AP24/28, AP44/48.
B&G autopilots: Triton2, H5000.
Reactor 40 autopilots.


Internal GPS

45 €

Whether your old GPS has stopped working, or if you want to have a double GPS, for security, we have incorporated the option of internal GPS to your Ocenav converter. So you can use a PC or Raspberry as a plotter (with free software like OpenCPN, or with others: MaxSEA Timezero, Navionics, etc). These programs will obtain the position, speed and heading of the internal GPS (GNSS).
This add-on is more than just a GPS receiver. It is a GNSS receiver, since it receives data from the GPS, GLONASS, Galileo and BeiDou (BDS) systems, in addition to having the technology to use the WAAS, EGNOS and MSAS satellites to improve precision.

What are the advantages of our internal GPS compared to other GPS’s?
We will obtain this data simultaneously in any output of the Ocenav converter. (Seatalk, NMEA2000, NMEA0183 and WiFi).
In addition, the Ocenav converter incorporates data from the latest global geomagnetic model published by NOAA (2020 to 2025), for the calculation of magnetic declination. Data that is updated when the converter software is updated. GPS receivers or external antennas (USB or NMEA), do not deliver the information of the magnetic declination of the place.
NOTE: We do not recommend installing it inside a metal boat.


Centralized alarm pack

95 €

When the installation of our boat has instruments from different manufacturers, it is not possible to control the operation of all the alarms from the same place. Sometimes the alarm sound is not heard from a certain place, (normally the radar of the chart table is not heard from the bathtub) or we simply do not want to be constantly getting up to turn off the alarm that sounds in each instrument. We may also require some type of alarm not offered by the manufacturers (weather or weather, for example).
What does the alarm kit consist of?
The Ocenav alarm system takes advantage of the data it obtains from the instruments installed on the ship. It is a set of software add-ons and an external buzzer / led, with its drive circuit, which is included as an extra in the ATM105A2 and ATM105A3 converters. Alarms are configured on a web page (see image on the right). Constant monitoring of those user-programmed values, acoustic and visual activation, and alarm source information are displayed on the screen of the ATM105B remote control. Once the alarm is displayed on the remote control, it can be silenced for 5 minutes by pressing any button on it.

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