a transceiver gateway unit

And what does it mean?

In the market are the popular multiplexers, which only take information from several NMEA0183 channels and give a single output in NMEA0183 format by cable or via Wi-Fi. In other words, information only comes out in a protocol or language

The ATM105-A is also a transceiver-gateway equipment; Simultaneously receives and sends the received data to and from all devices, translating the information between all the platforms that use different protocols or languages: NMEA0183, NMEA2000 and SEATALK. That is why they allow you to connect any instrument, (wind, probe, Ais, plotter, pilot, etc.) both old and new, from any manufacturer.

Interconnect all the Navigation Instruments

We manufacture tree models of the ATM105 Gateway Multiplexer Converter: the A1N, A2 and A3. All of them are compatible with the equipment of the most popular manufacturers (Raymarine, Garmin, Simrad, Lowrance, Furuno, B&G, NKE, VDO) and have two main functions:

  1. It links all the electronics on the ship with your mobile/tablet applications. (Weather 4D, iregatta, EDO Instruments, Sailtracker, SeaWi, NKE, etc…). All ATM105A models allow you to convert a PC into a complete Navigator / Multifunction instrument, by controlling the autopilot in track mode. (OPENCPN, MaxSea, iSailor…).

  2. Act as a communication base for the autopilot remote control (ATM105-B), except for the ATM105-A1N gateway converter, which is designed for cases in which a remote control for autopilot is not required.


With 2 Nmea0183 channels to connect old equipment (wind, gps / plotter, ais). 1 Seatalk channel to connect old Raymarine ST instruments, ST1000 to 7000 pilots. With Nmea 2000 to connect any new equipment and transducers, including AIS.

It does not support remote ATM105B.

With 3 Nmea0183 channels to connect old devices (wind, gps / plotter, AIS…), Seatalk channel to connect old Raymarine ST instruments, ST1000 to 7000 autopilots. It does not have Nmea 2000.It acts as base station for our remote control ATM105B.

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With 3 Nmea0183 inputs to connect old devices (wind, gps / plotter, AIS), Seatalk channel to connect old ST instruments, ST1000 to 7000.  Nmea2000 to connect any new equipment, including AIS, Seatalk NG Evolution autopilots, Simrad/B&G Simnet based AP and Garmin Reactor 40. It acts as base station for our remote control. 

Ocenav works with your favorite Apps for mobile devices, PC and raspberry

Send all the navigation data via WiFi to your favorite app.
Here are some that our clients already use,  but you can find others in Google Play and Apple Store.

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