offshore navigation

Robustness and reliability for your big trips

Oceanic and offshore navigation requires an electronic equipment with specific features and characteristics including:

  1. Very low consumption
  2. Reliability.
  3. Redundant data management
  4. Simple to use and capable of solving problems by user itself
  5. Integration of plugged electronic instruments. AIS included
  6. Easy access to meteorological data
  7. Wifi access point transmitting all navigation data
  8. Ability to connect to an alternative GPS
  9. Control of the steer from anywhere
  10. Tight and robust remote control
  11. Ability to develop special features on reques

OCENAV’s solution:

All ATM105 central models can send and receive information through their built-in Wi-Fi access point to communicate with apps on PC (OPEN CPN, MAXSEA), tablet, and smatphone (Weather 4D, Iregatta, EDO Instruments, SeaWi, NKE Display, Sailtracker) and turning these devices in real navigation equipment. (Up to 4 simultaneous Wi-Fi devices)

​Our base stations ATM105A can be operated from up to 3 remote controls to be used by the crew. They all have a very low power consumption.

They can be upgraded with an internal barometer and thermometer kit.

All base stations ATM105A interconnect multiple GPSs simultaneously. The bases stablish the priority automatically and validate data received from the alternative GPS after 15 seconds of not receiving signal from the main one.

You can create a Wi-Fi network with 2 bases. This doubles the global connectivity, simplifies wiring and avoids data redundancy.

 Recommended OCENAV product:

The recommended product is the kit ATM105C3 which includes a base station ATM105A3 and a remote control ATM105B.

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