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The current requirements of owners and skippers consist of having the most complete information at all times, that it is easily accessible by the entire crew and visible from their preferred mobile application.

At OCENAV we understand the regattas yachtsman needs to:

Read navigation data comfortably, regardless of the instruments they use, and on a unique screen
Have the most complete sailing information. Fixed navigation instruments do not send all the data processed internally to other instruments
Make compatible instruments by different manufacturers and different generations. The evolution of navigational instruments is causing incompatibilities between them, because they send and receive information in different “languages” (NMEA2000, NMEA0183, Seatalk1, SeaTalkNG, …) and different physical media

OCENAV’s solution:

The base station ATM105A completes the received information and sends the data already processed
They can exchange data in any screen: Raymarine, Garmin, B&G, Furuno, Simrad, etc. (Any generation)
They can send and receive information through their built-in Wi-Fi access point to communicate with apps on PC (OPEN CPN, MAXSEA), tablet, and smatphone (Weather 4D, Iregatta, EDO Instruments, SeaWi, NKE Display, Sailtracker) and turning these devices in real navigation equipment. (Up to 4 simultaneous Wi-Fi devices)
They translate information between different protocols in all directions simultaneously

Recommended OCENAV products:

All base stations ATM105A meet the above requirements; they complete the information internally calculating wind and VMG data, Set and Drift, and sending it in all measure units. Also, they translate NMEA0183 and equivalent sentences (wind and position).
The choice of the base station AMT105A model depends on the number of NMEA0183 inputs and outputs required, and NMEA2000 needs.

Compare the available models and decide which base is better suited to your needs.

For races with limited crew and/or offshore regatta, it is convenient to use our remote control. In that case we recommend a complete kit

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