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At Ocenav we work on the continuous improvement of our products to add new features, correct some minor bugs, or to add compatibility with new equipment. So our products may require software updates on some cases.

The first series of ATM105A gateways (until 6/20/2018) had a software version 1.30 or earlier installed and need to be sent to our dependencies for the first update. Contact us:

In later versions of ATM105A and new Ocenav products, the same user can upgrade without disassembling the device. It is only necessary to download the ZIP file from our website with a mobile, tablet or PC, extract the binary and send it to the device through the web browser.

Download the update ZIP and follow the instructions that appear in the “readme.txt” file.
Read the document “Versions.txt” to know the extensions and improvements of the new version.

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